The garden and the farmyard

The large courtyard and the farmyard paved in traditional terracotta with a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding hills are at your disposal for outdoor events. There, your guests can enjoy an aperitif before lunch or at sunset, or enjoy the evening on the farmyard, under the catenary lighting and with a view of the night lights of Reggio Emilia and Modena. Tables for dinner can be set up in this area or in the rooms indoor. The courtyard leads to a quieter garden area, decorated with greenery and with a shaded area with wrought iron gazebos; there, you can set up an American-style wedding and the cake-cutting, or this area can be connected to the aperitif area.

All the outdoor areas, as well as the amber-stone indoor areas, can also be used as the perfect place for a photoshoot, in particular the look-out overlooking the two lakes and the small oak forest, which can be accessed from the courtyard through a short path. In the garden, there are different plants that bloom in different seasons, so that there are always flowers throughout the year. Main plants include native plants, old fruit trees and aromatic Mediterranean herbs.

Indoor halls

The old stable

a. The old stable, with its brick vaults, still has the original amber-stone walls and terracotta columns.
This 135 sqm room can be set up in several ways for ceremonies, aperitifs, as a baby garden area, for after-dinner drinks, or for a lunch or a dinner with up to 100 seats.
It can be accessed through two glass doors: from the courtyard or the entrance hall “a Porta Morta” (Dead Door).

The open barn

b. This 100 sqm outdoor glazed building with a wooden ceiling can be used for aperitifs or after-dinner or after-lunch events.
The open barn overlooks the farmyard and the hills and is connected to the farmhouse by a covered passageway, which can be closed on its sides using transparent dividers (for example, if there is wind or rain) and which can be heated in winter. A few outdoor seating sets can be set up along the passageway.

“A Porta Morta” (Dead Door) lobby

c. his access room to the farmhouse is typical of our area. It consists of a porch with a ceiling that is higher than the other rooms and two large windows that can be opened on two sides overlooking respectively the farmyard and the garden.
From the “Dead Door” one can access the old stable, the stairs and the toilet on the ground floor. One can also look into the illuminated old well covered in brick.

Hall of the old barn

d. This is one single 220 sqm hall overlooking the surrounding panorama through 15 windows. The central entrance leads to a wooden gallery. The wooden trussed ceiling creates a welcoming and familiar environment. The hall can be accessed through the staircase from the floor below or using a glass lift.
Dinner or lunch can be set up in round tables, imperial tables, or using combined or buffet solutions with up to 210-250 seats, depending on the type of table chosen.
Near the hall, there are 3 toilets with an ante-bathroom, one of which is accessible to disabled guests.

The small rooms

On the ground floor, two small support rooms, with a table, sofas and large windows can be used for additional services: one of them is available to guests wishing to leave any objects or gifts, to get changed or to breastfeed.
Like the other rooms of the house, the small rooms are furnished with traditional and natural furniture and the amber-stone walls are left exposed.

Download the layout map: